New Moon in Aquarius: Year of the Horse – Pegasus!

An exciting, electrified NEW MOON at 10 degrees Aquarius on Thursday, January 30th at 2:38pm MST. In Chinese Astrology we welcome the year of the HORSE, whom I prefer

Pegasus, Aquarian New Age Horse!

Pegasus, Aquarian New Age Horse!

to think of as Pegasus, mythic magical horse who has visited many an Earth-bound soul in their dreams of flight on magic wings of endless possibility. Pegasus was made a constellation by Zeus after his birth from the severed head of Medusa (she of snaked head) following his horse-y triumphs. Poignant that the HORSE year follows the SNAKE year.

Take these last few days of the SNAKE year to shed any remnants of the old skin – the outdated thought forms, the traumas of yesterday you have turned into present pains – both physical and emotional, grievances with the souls you contracted with to be your grandest, most challenging teachers, and any limitations you have donned yourself with as if that soaking wet wool cloak would serve you at all in this Golden Age. Commit to do whatever it takes to FREE YOURSELF from the shackles of your own construction. The joy that awaits you in your FREE form is that of the flying horse – free to fly through the many layers of your constructed reality in any way you choose. You live in a FREE WILL Universe, though you might be so entangled in the mire of your own making you forgot that you can choose any reality you want – anything at all , once you FREE yourself of the dysfunctional patterns of raging codependency, out-of-control people-pleasing, and relentless giving away of your precious life source- your power. HEALyourself into your FREEDOM!

Use the electrified POWER of the NEW MOON in Aquarius, ripe with your own genius potential, to blast yourself into the reality you dream of, but hold yourself back from having. The Universe always says YES! If you think you will live in fear, sorrow, dread, lack, and pain the Universe says YES! to that. If you think you will live in joy, delight, beauty, abundance, and LOVE – the universe will say YES! to that.

Your choice. It’s always your choice. You are only FREE to make FREE WILL choices when you FREE YOURSELF of the programming that keeps you shackled to lies that tell you that you are anything but the CREATOR force that you are, lies that tell you you are anything but LOVE.



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Mercury enters Sagittarius

Mercury FINALLY has left Scorpio. How exhausted are we from that seemingly endless

Mercury, mischievous messenger

Mercury, mischievous messenger

transit? Mercury is now in the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius. Today Mercury forms a square to dreamy Neptune. Let your mind wander off into flights of delicious fantasy. Just don’t operate heavy machinery under this yummy transit!

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Chiron squares New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon is at 10 degrees Sagittarius, squared by Chiron in Pisces. New Moons give us the opportunity each month to start anew, to envision a new path before us, imbued with the energy of the constellation the Moon transits. Sagittarius is the third of the fire signs, ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is a planet of growth, a big picture planet. If you are happy Jupiter turns that happiness into a hot air balloon of joy and bliss. If you are sad Jupiter expands the sadness into the ocean of tears.

With Chiron, the wounded healer, in emotional, super sensitive Pisces, squaring this New

Chiron, the wounded healer, squares the New Moon in Sagittarius

Moon, and as Saturn is just half way through the emotionally Navy seal deep sign of Scorpio, don’t be surprised if the depth and range of your emotional feelings – and potential for emotional release – is of momentous magnitude right now.

Nothing like the pressure of a good Hallmark holiday to bring all emotions to the surface to be pressure washed by tears and dumped into the great garbage disposal of the One Heart Consciousness to be transmuted back into LOVE.

It would be so wonderful and so like our American Disney consciousness to have this occur as if by magic, with the touch of a twinkling magic wand. As it turns out you yourself have the magic wand and you yourself have to be willing to let go of whatever story backs up the framework of

Magic wand to release all false self-titles
Magic wand to release all false self-titles

your perception in order to replace the framework with a story that supports you loving and accepting yourself – your needs, your desires, your dreams for yourself and your world – no matter what you have been told and no matter how others treat you. You have to create the story for yourself of what fits for you, here and now. This is as easy or as hard for you to do depending on how tightly you need to hold on to what was. Sometimes the more painful was the imprint, the more difficult to let it go as the emotional charge is a very strong glue.

Energetic healings recommended. Astro check-ins helpful to understand what’s going on and what tools YOU have to move your own energy to a new perception.

Gather with others of like-minded consciousness. Wounding is most commonly experienced through the family. Gathering with like-minded souls help you to create a healthier, safer place to feel your feelings, be acknowledged for the pure being of light and love you are and see yourself in a healthier, more loving and accepting way. Scroll down to see the many ways you can gather with us and other Light Workers (yes! If you are reading this you are most probably a Light Worker. Watch for our book,  A Call to Light Workers coming out later this month!)

Use the week of this New Moon to see yourself in a bigger light, free of the stories that trap you and contain you in realities other than what you truly desire for yourself.

John Corsa, crystal healer, recommends Tiger’s Eye for this New Moon in Sagittarius.
Place the Tiger’s Eye crystal on your 3rd chakra, the power – Will chakra, to strengthen and

Tiger's Eye to empower the 3rd chakra, the WIll-power center
Tiger’s Eye to empower the 3rd chakra, the Will-power center

fortify your own center. Practice grounding yourself to the core of the earth to strengthen and support yourself in releasing all false self-titles and limiting beliefs that keep you from full, joyous self-expression. Learn to GROUND and other must-know navigational tools in John Corsa’s 6-part audio course, Reclaim Your Intuition.

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Lunar aspects intensify Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is emotionally heating up with some challenging aspects to the Moon. The Moon in Libra (lovely crescent I watched in the morning sky) opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn. Emotional patterns blow apart, shattering old illusions to make way for the new.

Whether you’re with family, not with family, have no family, or have too much family – the experience you have is the experience you choose to have. The more consciousness and awareness you have the more you can step out of REACTION mode and step into PARTICIPATION or OBSERVER mode. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that every single person in your life is playing a part in the play you are scripting moment to moment. What play are you scripting?
Staying in your heart, in a place of unconditional LOVE and acceptance, is

John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests Rose Quartz to soothe and comfort your heart as you open to Unconditional LOVE
John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests Rose Quartz to soothe and comfort your heart as you open to Unconditional LOVE

the goal towards which you can coax yourself as your light shines brighter and brighter. John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests holding your ROSE QUARTZ close to you and KNOW you are LOVE always and you will ALWAYS return back to LOVE.

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Thanksgiving Libra Moon

Moon enters harmony-loving Libra, supported by a beautiful aspect, a sextile,  between communication planet Mercury and Aphrodite herself, Venus. A touching, tender day of gratitude and thankfulness for this wild ride of Life on EARTH. It’s exciting, for sure. ALWAYS a good ides to ground yourself, no matter where you are or who you are hanging with.

Hematite and Chrysophrase
John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests Hematite and Chrysophrase for grounding and gentle words

John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests using  HEMATITE to connect your power core center to the core power center of EARTH. Add CHRYSOPHRASE to use your voice, your words, appropriately.

And consider this: will your words improve the silence?
Sometimes the best choice is to say nothing at all.
Instead of speaking emanate LOVE for all, especially for yourself

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Rhodochrosite to soothe pre-holiday madness

Already feeling lighter with the Sun’s ingress into expansive Sagittarius? True that both Mercury and Saturn are still hanging out in the Scorpionic depths and perhaps you are

John Corsa, crystal healer, recommends Rhodochrosite for heart-soothing
John Corsa, crystal healer, recommends Rhodochrosite for heart-soothing

feeling already the pressures of the upcoming holidays? The various forms of gluttony that Americans love to indulge? Sagittarius energy makes gluttony feel like the norm. Perhaps it is all a cover for the wound to the heart chakra that is prevalent, you know-looking for LOVE in all the wrong places. To help and support you to look WITHIN for LOVE and blissful self-acceptance work with the gentle RHODOCHROSITE.

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Aventurine crystal activates Jupiter

There are many different crystals that you can use to connect with and activate the energy of the planets.

Aventurine to activate Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius
Aventurine to activate Jupiter,
ruler of Sagittarius

Citrine and yellow sapphire are beautiful crystals to activate Jupiter but they can be fairly pricey. John Corsa, crystal healer says you can also use AVENTURINE, a gorgeous green stone that looks somewhat like jade. Hold the AVENTURINE in your hand as you meditate with the Green Pearl meditation to ask Jupiter to expand your ability to heal your precious self.


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Crystals to work with Scorpio energy: Goethite and Morganite

John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests using Goethite and Morganite to work with Scorpio

John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests Goethite to work with Scorpio energy
John Corsa, crystal healer, suggests Goethite to work with Scorpio energy

energy. The Sun is in Scorpio until  22 November after which it mercifully moves into Jupiter-ruled, expansive Sagittarius. Mercury is moving DIRECT in Scorpio, moving into Sagittarius on November 29th. Saturn is doing his roto-rooter work in the emotional depths of Scorpio until 23 December (will my Saturn return ever be over?) and the Norht Node of the Moon is in Scorpio as well.

I have had enough Scorpio energy for 2 lifetimes! Programming the Goethite and Morganite to guide me through the emotional depths is helpful. Try them!

John Corsa, crystal healer, recommends Morganite to soothe you as you work with Scorpio energy
John Corsa, crystal healer, recommends Morganite to soothe you as you work with Scorpio energy



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Full Moon in Taurus: Release the Kraken – your emotional baggage

It’s the FULL MOON in Taurus opposite the Sun Scorpio, intensifying and bringing into focus the clearing out of emotional baggage and imprinted thought forms and beliefs that create limitation, lack, and stagnation.
As the Sun is joined by Mercury, direct now, but still moving forward in Scorpio, Saturn in Scorpio, and the Moon’s North Node in Scorpio, the transformational energy of Scorpio is VERY much still on the table – for the support and kick in the butt you need to move out of your perceived comfort zone and into your rightful comfort zone.
Pluto conjunct Venus at 9 degrees Capricorn, adds support for restructuring your perception of your personal value and worth and how your world does – or does not – support this perception. Option for change ALWAYS available, if you work to make the needed the changes.

Let that baggage go!
Let that baggage go!

Let’s investigate this comfort zone idea. Your perceived comfort zone can keep you trapped in relationships (with yourself and others) that are not nurturing and supportive to your growth, relationships that reek of codependency, sacrifice, and a victim mentality. (Yes! You can have this level of dysfunction with yourself! How often do you lie to yourself in the course of a day?) Your perceived comfort zone traps you in doing work and jobs that you have been told are right for you, or that pay the bills but starve your soul. Your perceived comfort zone keeps you trapped in a mental state of lack and not-enoughness so that the inherent YES! of the Universe, the endless bounty and abundance of all-that-is, cannot make its way through the miniscule crack in the door you have created for yourself in consciousness.

ALL change happens in CONSCIOUSNESS. If you decide something, feed that thought with your attention and focus, you will create it. That’s how it works. You know this for yourself because in moments of complete honesty with yourself you can see that EVERYTHING that you are experiencing in your life is there because you have a thought form that you give energy to and that energy-fed thought form grows and expands with your attention and focus, creating the physical manifestation of your thoughts.

In this powerful energy for AWARENESS and RELEASE given to you by the opening energy of this FULL TAURUS MOON, look to your consciousness to see what you are feeding, what you are giving attention to. In that state of heightened awareness, with the transmutational energy of Scorpio available at this time, CHOOSE to move to a state in consciousness, an empowered point of view, to move you to a life experience you are CONSCIOUSLY creating for yourself, moving out of places in consciousness that were either created for you or you entered into in response to trauma, emotional pressure, or simply not knowing any better, as you followed others thinking that they knew better than you -how could they? -what is best for you.

Not always so easy to do, right? Choose a different state of consciousness? What could that possibly mean? Well let me say that it is virtually impossible to make a choice to move into a different state of consciousness if you have repressed or unresolved emotions moving their bulk and influence around in there.

And we all do – until we don’t. I call that releasing the KRAKEN.

Release the KRAKEN!
Release the KRAKEN!

Through the HEALINGS I have received from crystal healer intuitive, John Corsa,and the reclaiming of my Intuitive Instinct – my personal navigational system connected directly to SOURCE – I have been able to bring the core emotional issues that have been running my life and, in this potent time of my Saturn return (in Scorpio, you got it!) release the excrusiating pain of limitation, lack, and raging codependency, to allow me to at least have a glimpse of who I am without all the incorrect self-titles and mis-perceptions that I developed as defense from the pain of my emotions. All that fabric is unraveling (which is freaky enough!) but needs to as I come to weave the pattern of ME, free from the consciousness of others that I have allowed to dominate my experience.

And welcome to ASCENSION. This is EXACTLY what needs to occur in order for each of us (you too!) to move out of the limitations of what has been placed into the potential of all that is, of all you are! Which is not to say it’s always pretty. It can look like a crying meltdown at Whole Foods or sleeping in marathon fashion or packing up your life as you have known it and moving onto to something that is calling to you or maybe it’s just telling yourself the truth of what you like and what you don’t like and choosing to have more of what you like and nothing of what you don’t. Imagine going to a buffet and piling your plate with all the things you don’t like to eat because either your family told you to eat those foods or your friend or spouse is telling you to eat those things. Then you get back to your table and either eat that food you don’t like (you throw it up later in your room or worse – you can’t get it out of your system and it turns to tumors and diseases in your body) or you realize there is nothing on your plate you enjoy eating so eat nothing and starve yourself for what you really want and need for you. Sound familiar?

As youHEAL from your own emotional trauma (we are all so sensitive and we ALL have programming and trauma that needs to be released), as you reclaim your Intuitive Instinct, and work on your OWN connection to Source, you will find that you have more adaptability (the CRITICAL survival tool for the Ascension process) and you will be able to snap back from emotional releases faster and with more flexibility. This allows for easier growth and personal evolution – just what we have incarnated to do!

I find that being in NATURE, or rather, completely surrendering to NATURE, using the TAURUS Full Moon, reconnects me to SOURCE. As I tend and nurture the greatest LOVE of my life – my relationship with the Devic realms of trees and animals, sky, and water – my endless love affair with the elementals – I am refreshed, reborn.  For myself I need to be outside as much as possible. So I am.

Devic realm!
Devic realm!

What is it for you that feeds the LOVE in you? Fill your plate with that. Eat that.

If you don’t even know what to put on your plate you probably need to work on releasing whatever is already on that plate -emotional baggage! And work on yourself – with the support of those who can help. We can help!

Identify YOUR karmic Soul journey and the blocks begging to be released – all available in my Astrological interpretation of your birth chart FOLLOWED by reclaiming your own navigational tools (your INTUITIVE INSTINCT) and receiving crystal healings to facilitate the process of your own personal transformation.



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Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter moved retrograde November 7th  at 20 degrees Cancer. This powerful planet of growth and expansion will move retrograde back to 10 degrees Cancer on March 6th. That’s right – 4 months of Jupiter retrograde. As Jupiter expands all it touches look to where 10 degrees to 20 degrees Cancer fall in your chart to see where this influence will play out in your own life.

Jupiter in Cancer
Jupiter in Cancer

Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the nurturer, the caregiver. Where will you give to yourself in the months of this retrograde period? Give well or you might find yourself plumping out this winter, which is good if you want to plump out but if you’re eating to suppress emotions and to avoid loving yourself in the all the important ways – you’ll only be creating problems there for yourself.
To support yourself in choosing behaviors that bring the most beneficial growth and movement, to feed yourself directly from the well of SOURCE energy – take time EVERY day to meditate. Your meditation time is THE most important time you can spend with yourself. Meditation allows your crazy, frantic busy brain to take a much-needed and endlessly deserved rest. Meditation takes you to the place in consciousness beyond thought or maybe in between thought -the void from whence all wondrous creations are born. To help you to meditate I HIGHLY recommend following the beautiful, guided meditations John Corsa, crystal healer and intuitive,  has created. It’s an easy transport to the void following his guided direction. We have a few to choose from (the Green Pearl meditation is a favorite) at MEDITATIONS.

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